About AP CSR

The government of Andhra Pradesh strives to promote growth and development by using a multipronged approach to assess and address gaps in critical sectors across the state. Strategic investment of Corporate Social Responsibility funding through collaboration between non-government, civil society, community and government organizations has the ability to promote sustainable growth and development for communities across Andhra Pradesh.

In order to facilitate investment from a range of public and private sector enterprises and individuals, the Government of Andhra Pradesh has created this portal to streamline the process of investment of CSR and private funds. This portal provides a platform for both prospective investors and beneficiaries to find or recommend investment opportunities that best meet their needs. Promoting investment and improvement in the welfare and empowerment of urban Andhra residents is a critical priority of the Government of AP. The utilization of a dedicated portal will facilitate major strides towards furthering this goal and also help in bringing transparency in processes and tracking investments by companies, citizens, philanthropic organizations among others.

In addition to encouraging corporations and individuals to fund full projects, this portal provides a platform for individuals and companies to donate however much they are capable of pledging to promote social impact in Andhra Pradesh without committing to funding an entire project. The GoAP welcomes anyone to donate through this website to contribute towards furthering the vision and goals of the state.